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Associate Professor
   Elizabeth Cohen

Elizabeth Cohen has taught at SUNY Plattsburgh for nine years. She has led study abroad courses in London, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, and writing/travel experiences in such places as Santa Fe, NM; Park City, Utah, Ajijic, Mexico, and the Adirondacks, among other places. 

The creation of this course and teaching this topic  is the culmination of one of Professor Cohen's lifelong dreams-- to create a study experience of the literature written in the shadow of the Shoah experience.

             Julia Devine

         Class Chaperone

Julia is a cultural organizer and creative leader with over 15 years of experience in nonprofit development. She fosters arts, culture, and civic engagement on and off SUNY Plattsburgh’s campus. She teaches in the Theatre and English departments with a focus on acting, theatre history and professional writing. In addition to teaching, she works as a professional grant writer, musician, editor, and marketer. 

Her work and values find kinship with the Yiddish culture of her Ashkenazi ancestors, which emphasized collective creativity and critical engagement. In Los Angeles, she was Development Director for Yiddishkayt, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving, promoting, and broadcasting the legacy of Yiddish culture while embodying the spirit of diversity and solidarity with immigrant communities. She also worked as a grant writer for Centropa, an interactive database of Jewish memory based in Vienna. 

Julia is an experienced traveler. She lived in Moscow for half a year and has traveled through much of Europe. Eager to explore her Ashkenazi roots and add a few new songs to her accordion repertoire, she has helped raise funds for this study abroad experience.